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    Product Details

      HC-9886 electrolyte analyzer uses international advanced ion-selective electrode. The detection sensitivity of the machine for Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Calcium electrolyte, stability, anti-interference ability reached the advanced level of similar foreign models. The Chinese operational information management system of the machine meets the needs of the medical unit. The equipment uses the technology of pressure sensor ingenious in the detection of CO2. Both to ensure the accuracy of the experiment, and greatly simplifies the complex steps in the reference method. The instrument uses advanced microprocessor control system to achieve a fully automated test. Potassium, sodium, chloride, total calcium, ionized calcium, pH, total CO2, AG(anion gap) and other projects can be detected simultaneously.

    Test range:

    Analyte Units Range Resolution
    K+ mmol/L 0.40 15.00 0.01
    Na+ mmol/L 30.0 200.0 0.1
    Cl- mmol/L 30.0 200.0 0.1
    Ca2+ mmol/L 0.10 5.00 0.01
    pH  4.00 9.00 0.01
    TCO2 mmol/L 4.0 100.0 0.1
    AG mmol/L Calculate 0.1
    TCa2+ mmol/L Calculate 0.01

    Technical Specification:
    Sample Types: Blood , Serum , Plasma or Diluted Urine
    Sample Size: 60ul ~ 220ul serum , urine
    Analysis Time: 25 ~ 45 seconds serum (including 1-point calibration) (HC9883 & HC9885)
    35 ~ 60 seconds serum (including 1-point calibration) (HC9884 & HC9886)
    Throughput: 80 ~ 110 samples per hour
    Power Source: AC220V, 50Hz +/- 10V
    Power Consume: < 60W
    Instrument Size: 420mm(H) x 240mm(W) x 360mm(L)
    Package Size: 630mm(L) x 305mm(H) x 460mm(W)(FORMER) 
    695mm(L) x 320mm(H) x 480mm(W)(NEW)
    Environmental Temperature
    10 ~ 35℃
    Measurement Technology: Direct Potentiometry
    Reagent Include: Calibrant A, Calibrant B , Electrode Cleanning Solution , QC Solution ,
    Internal Filling Solution for Electrode etc.