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    Shenzhen Histrong Medical Equipment CO.,LTD. is a high-tech enterprises in city of Shenzhen which is a professional medical equipment company, Investment Holdings by Histrong Info. It is including the department of development, production and sales. Company is located in central area of Shenzhen, this area is the first national private science and technology park which recognized by the Ministry. Our product contains a complete, independent intellectual property rights. Company Located

    The strategy of sales takes the area agency system, to choose our product means on the choice of the Histrong brand, the opportunities for co-development with Histrong. We believe in our common effort , we will get better social, create a quality brand and assume more responsibility. Fifteen years ago we launched first electrolyte analyzer in motherland which can detect potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, carbon dioxide at the same time. Currently, Histrong has a total of more than 10 kinds of products and has won national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and new important product certificate several times. Especially automatic electrolyte analyzer obtained two national patents. With the scientific concept of marketing and long-term strategic vision in development, Histrong is making Sales performance increased year by year. So we won the medical & health filed generally high opinion,and received the nod from government departments.

    Histrong sets to the leading technical personnel as the core,a team composed by the personnel, equipment, techniques, management methods. We are constantly striving for perfection, offers excellent quality, high technology, competitive products and with perfect after-sales service. We focus on customer, invest a lot of attention to the recommendations and evaluation of customer, only to pre-quality management of products, more attention to product after-sales service and continuous improve the ability to overall performance, to meet and exceed customers\' evolving needs and expectations.

    Our product has entered the medium-sized hospitals and medical companies. And now, Histrong has generally received praise in medical & health filed and created better economic benefits.